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Novasond Kalideophone

Recommended Reading

I frequently get requests to recommend reference materials on general synthesis.
One of the few truly usable and accessible reference works on synthesis is again available.

The ARP 2600 Owners Manual

Can now be order directly from it's original author Mr. James Michmerhuizen
Covering topics from introductory to advanced, the information is usable with any modular instrument, modern or classic.
(Although the actual tutorials are specific to the ARP 2600)

See the web page for order details

(Note that Michmerhuizen Consulting and are not affiliated. This link is supplied as a community service.
All correspondence regarding the ARP 2600 Owners Manual should be addressed solely to Mr. Michmerhuizen - who we thank for making this excellent work available)

Synthesizer Do It Yourself Resources

synth-DIY Mailing List Homepage

The Big
synth-DIY link list

Analog Synthesizer Frequently Asked Questions
Synth FAQ

Schematics for a variety of vintage synthesizers. Resources and projects for the DIY enthusiast
E-music DIY Archive

DIY to the extreme, one of my heroes
Jurgen Haible

Great links page
Rick Holmes

The only maker of vacuum tube synthesizers in the world, Metasonix,
has a section of opamps, analog computer circuits, and other designs
which are 100% tube and can be used in analog-synth DIY work.
Eric Barbour

The Electronic Peasant - Analogue synthesizer DIY electronics
Doug Tymofichuk

Information on Walsh Synthesis
Neil Johnson

Personal synth-DIY site
Jim Patchell

DIY Aries 300 modules and rack mount sequencers
Grant Richter

Imaginative packaging designs for his DIY synths
Gabe Catanzaro

A small circuit collection. Including a CV interface and a few tube circuits
Rene Schmitz

The groovy packaging ideas of
Dr. Mabuse

My site has information on building wind controllers and how to use them
effectively with analog synths. Also my clarinet model electronic analog.
Nothing for sale -- I've always made my work freely available.
Ian Fritz

Some DIY information and a very interesting paper on Chaos Theory
as applied to sound synthesis
Dan Slater

Information on a DIY Trautonium
An electronic instrument that originated before the modular synthesizer
Dr. Jorg Schmitz

Handmade synths that look better than the commercial ones
Jorgen Bergfors

Capacitor FAQ from Harry Bissell
Answers many questions about our complicated little friends

Very beautifully packaged electronics with innovative designs
(A true technology artist, backtrack to the homepage and look at the whole site)

Synth, DSP and Guitar DIY:
Steven Curtin

Wavetable synthesizers, Modulus Newsletter and PPG Love
Paul Maddox

Catgirl Synth Site
Ken Stone

Interesting Japanese site, unique designs
Osamu Hoshuyama

Inovative multifunction designs, Wiardness
Aaron Cram

Magnus Danielson

Dave Magnuson's great site with information on commercial and DIY instruments
Resonant Frequency


Kit and Printed Circuit Board Suppliers

The original semi-modular PCB Gene Stopps'

Kits and assembled units in the Frac-Rac format
Blacet Research Labs

Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards
Electronics For Music

Excellent MIDI controlled semi-modular
Evenfall Minimodular Page

Modular synth circuits, TB303 clone and rack mounted filter projects
Oakley Sound Systems

Originators of the Frac-Rac packaging system and 9700 series modules

A high quality modular system available assembled and in kit form
Synthesis Technology

Pre-assembled Synthesizer Products (Not Kits)

Banana plug based semi-modular from Holland

Worlds only vacuum tube based synthesizer

Nicely packaged synthesizer modules from the banana plug school

Very handsomely packaged synthesizers
MacBeth Studio Systems

A new solid-state modular synthesizer with many unique features
Wiard Synthesizer Company

The Masters

Don Buchla

Robert Moog



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