Custom Work by Gabe Catanzaro

Gabe is an associate of Wiard Synthesizer Company

gabe.jpg (44403 bytes)
Gabe Catanzaro helping at the factory. Gabes packaging designs
are so cool I wanted to show the many designs Gabe has done

gabewave.jpg (14306 bytes)
Gabe built his Wiard Waveform City boards into a suitcase
with two sequencers
GABESEQ.JPG (16065 bytes)

Gabes packaging design for a Wiard Sequantizer
This unique variation has individual portamento time for each step

asmblue.jpg (13868 bytes)

Gene Stopps ASM board built into a blue plexiglass cabinet
with banana plugs. From the collection of  Mark Verbos

asmyel~2.jpg (11053 bytes)
Another ASM board built into a yellow plexiglass enclosure
with 3.5mm connectors
retired.jpg (8357 bytes)
A dual rank sequencer with extra large LEDs
baby10.jpg (8588 bytes)
A nice little 10 step sequencer


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