Grant Richters synth-DIY page

Playing the Synthi at the Ekstacy club in Berlin


Research Equipment
Custom work for Wiard

Varilogic II Module Schematics
History of the Borg Filters
The Spring Thing
Analog Tracking Generator
CV Twister / Wave Warper
#3 Standard WoggleBug

"Hairball" Circuit Bending Element
Transistor/Diode Phase Shifters
Shepard Function Generator Experiments

Voltage Controlled Electro-Optical Mixer
Cadavre Exquis
Experimental Hardware Neurons
Simple Quadrature Waveshaper
Fun with MOVs

Modern Implement Company

Technical Pages

Technical information related to synth-DIY

OTA Application Circuits
Multi Function VCF

Serge Non-linear Transform Curves
Probability Density of Waveforms
Schematics of the Buchla "Source of Uncertainty" Modules
Schematics of the Buchla "Dual Control Voltage Processor" Module

Wiard Manual Archive
Discontinued Items

Model 1202 Mini-Wave
Model 1204 Joy Rider
Model 1209 Joystick
Socket Rocket Final Manual (10 Meg pdf file)


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I suppose the ultimate synth-DIY is when it turns into a real product,
like the Wiard One system available from

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